Anna’s Journey & Qualifications

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I empower you to live from your truth with heart.

Love Your Truth – Live Your Abundance – Create Your Joy 

I have been on a path of self discovery all my life, from the day I was born into a family who could not fully meet my needs….I have learnt over many years that forgiveness, acceptance, compassion and love are the deepest aspects of my soul. I am still on that journey and incorporate joy into my life now, as never before.  My family and soul friends are my greatest teachers, and my body knowledge informs all I do.

My main influences in life  have been and continue to be, the elemental and natural world, the power and sense of love and grace, and truly connecting to both other people and all living things.  I have been lucky enough to work with some profoundly important teachers in the fields of therapy & counselling, shamanism, spiritual awakening, healing and tantra.

My deeper self emerged after a profound initiation at the age of just 19 years old when I was shown the world in all its true glory as a living entity, with no separation between the outer and inner worlds.  As I was very young, I have spent many years incorporating this experience into my life, and truly developing the heart of living from soul in my body.  My life’s work continues to stem from this time.

I now have many pieces of paper to show my training and qualifications, which I will list below for those of you who like such things. My own beliefs are that it is my heart, my soul and my deep enquiry of what it is to be a living, breathing woman in this time of change, turbulence, climate challenge and confusion of the masculine and feminine in our lives, that informs my work and my lessons.  I use my own inner knowledge, as an older woman, to integrate all these skills into what is really just a simple enquiry of life.  I ask all who come to join me, to put aside these pieces of paper, and to meet with me human to human, as we explore our deep soul selves in body.  We are but fragile dots on the earth, each with our own lessons, and I humbly hope that my contribution to the world helps the environment, our culture, gaia, our relationships both to ourselves and others, and our ability to transcend and experience for just a moment, the beauty that is life.

Thankyou and Namaste x




The Pieces of Paper and some History!

Within healing, shamanism and spiritual enquiry I trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (now the Healing Trust), with Ruth White, with the Centre for Core Shamanic Studies and Jonothan Horovitz, and with the Dutch Institute for Shamanism and Dan Van Kampenhout over the 1980’s and 1990’s.  I trained at the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology with the wonderful Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers, and with William Bloom as a Spiritual Companion. More recently I am indebted to the beautiful teachings and trainings of Chameli Devi Ardargh and the Awakening Women Institute and to Shakti Tantra for their joyful and deep trainings in awakening conscious sexuality.

Within complimentary therapies I trained in homoeopathy and flower essence therapy in the 1980’s with the wonderful Misha Norland and his Devon School of the Arts. I trained in massage with ITEC to explore bodywork. Currently I am indebted to Leigh Tolson of Natural Dance for his most beautiful Wednesday dances of Ecstatic dance in Bristol, UK, based on Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms Dance.

Within the fields of therapy, counselling and supervision I first trained in the use of Transactional Analysis within groups in the 1970’s in Oxford, followed by counselling training with the Samaritans.  I trained in integrative arts and sandtray therapy in 1990’s at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education in London  and with dream therapy  in the SouthWest. I trained in play therapy and counselling in the late 1990’s,  and finally trained in creative arts supervision in the South West again.

As a creative individual and a pioneer,  I designed and co-ordinated two major services for families and children in the fields of cancercare,  palliative care and bereavement over a period of ffiteen years in the North West UK and the South West UK. During this time I managed services, therapists and volunteers and facilitated and created many training packages, both for health and social care professionals. I also offered many hours of therapy and healing to children, young people, adults and families and helped establish three services within schools and the charity sector.   I also offered workshops, training and supervision throughout this time, both privately and within the mental health field.

As a creative individual I write books, articles and therapeutic stories to support bereavement in young people. For two years I wrote a column for the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Children’s Journal, on Supervision. I now paint, and draw, and write poetry, which I currently publish on my facebook page 

I also love to sing and dance!

Now I integrate all this experience into my life’s path of ‘Opening to the Beloved’, so that I can meet everyone with the deepest love imaginable as we walk our path of awakening together.

Although I hold established qualifications in all of my therapies, and have had some profoundly important teachers, my work truly stems from my own inner guidance and sense of knowing.   I teach and heal from what I know within, and attempt to enable that in others also. I am always learning.

Many people find me when they are looking for guidance, spiritual seeking and soul healing. Men, women and couples are all welcome, as we explore together how to discover the way of the  sacred heart, finding our inner or outer beloved self.


Formal Qualifications :

  • M.A. Play Therapy;
  • B.A Hons Eng Lit & Education ;
  • Dip Couns;
  • Dip Creative Supervision;
  • Cert TEAA;
  • Cert Spiritual Companionship

Training :

  • Full Healer with National Federation of Spiritual Healers (now Healing Trust)
  • Shamanism with Centre for Core Shamanism & Dutch School of Shamanism
  • Dream Therapy with Strephon Kaplan-Wiliams
  • Transpersonal Therapy with the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology
  • Massage Qualification – ITEC


Teachers/Creative People  who have influenced me over the years :

Ghandi;  Doris Lessing; Picasso; Ruth White; Ian Gordon-Brown & Barbara Somers, Jonothan Horovitz; Leonard Cohen; Ram Dass; The Oxford Spiritualist Church Community; Penny Allen; Misha Norland; Elizabeth Kubler Ross; Barbara Hepworth; Chameli Ardargh.


‘Anna is a gifted seer and visionary who is also grounded in the everyday, having been a qualified therapist, counsellor and soul healer working with body and soul for most of her life – her work is profoundly transformational and supportive. She reaches out to people who are ‘waking up’ and discovering themselves to be dissatisfied with their current life circumstances. ‘ TB

‘Anna can help you to become whole : To move through transitions and losses; heal the inner child; release blocks from past lives; release ties from relationships; invoke the sacred masculine/ feminine energies; heal trauma or difficult life experiences; release karma ;release energy for your body to be free and full of vitality. But what she truly does is help you to love yourself.’  PG


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