Play Therapy and Inner Child Therapy

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Play Therapy :       ‘Life must be lived as play’  Plato

I am a qualified play therapist with over twenty five years experience with children, young people and families. Until recently I co-ordinated services within the fields of palliative care, cancer care and bereavement, with prior expertise in the adoption and fostering community and with other types of trauma. I now integrate this experience into other healing work but I am occasionally available for individual therapy, and for school support. I offer supervision to student and qualified play therapists as well as other child and adult therapists.

Play Therapy/Creative Arts Counselling/Sandtray/Supervision :

I have over twenty-five years of experience as a qualified play therapist for children, adolescents and the child within.  Play therapy offers the use of play and toys to enable the child or child within to find freedom of expression, spontaneity, healing of traumas and movement towards fulfilment in life.

Play is the source of all creativity, and a most wonderful tool within therapy or healing on the path towards our true potential.

Play therapy offers the use of play using toys and creative materials,  to enable the child or child within to find freedom of expression, spontaneity, healing of traumas and movement towards fulfilment.

Play is the child’s way of learning about the world and how to grow and thrive. When an adult experiences play therapy, their inner child can begin to heal and become whole again, particularly if there are traumas from the past.

Traditionally, play therapy is used  to heal traumas from past experiences such as abuse, neglect, and loss.  However it is a wonderful tool in growth for potential, and can enable spontaneity, creativity, exploration, and  the release of limiting patterns.  Play is the source of all creativity.

I hold an M.A in Play Therapy from the University of York, together with a certificate in the use of arts for education and therapy from the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.’ – Pablo Picasso 

Inner Child Therapy

Incorporates many of the tools of play therapy, alongside counselling, healing support and similar.  Those with a difficult history from childhood can access their past  safely and begin to heal such traumas as abuse, loss and neglect in a creative and transformational way. Supporting our inner child enables us to thrive as adults, in the knowledge that  our past does not shape our future, simply informs it.  We learn to release  old  wounds held deep in the body, and can become more spontaneous, creative and joyful.


Contact me if you are interested in play therapy or inner child therapy as an adult.

For children and young people, please be aware it is rare for me to offer individual therapy nowadays.  I may be able to offer a one off telephone consultation and support in finding suitable therapy elsewhere if considered appropriate.