Today I am contemplating joy – and what it actually is! -I believe that to access our joy fully, we must also have reached the depth of pain and suffering at some level, in order to have something with which to compare it to.  I have recognised over the years, that joy is life enhancing in every capacity – and sometimes it is hard to find and harder to hold onto.

I am feeling joy today just by contemplating the full moon for example, the beauty of the moon and the stars, the clear night sky and the crisp night air which gives me joy.  This feeling of joy enters my soul and my body, my spirit and my heart in a being of light and it enhances my experience of all life, as the joy nourishes me in all ways.
The question for me is, ‘ How can we find joy, particularly at these times when many people appear to be experiencing challenges, and changes?’
Joy can be found in both the simple and the profound areas of life  We can search for it and never find it, and then suddenly, we may turn over a leaf and the joy of a colour or a ladybird will fill us with wonder, and our joy will spill over into our hearts.
Joy can be found within our love and support of a family, or a particular loved one.  Sharing something as simple as tea, or rollling over in bed and seeing the face of someone you love. Playing with animals, listening to the sounds of music or the sea, or simply walking somewhere.  All these things, and many more can lead us to joy.  True joy has many facets.  The feeling of joy can be stimulated by these, but the actual experience of joy is limitless.
I truly believe, that by enhancing our capacity for mindfulness and meditation, and by becoming sensitive to all our senses, joy is intensified and our capacity to feel joy in many aspects of life grows. I can teach meditation, mindfulness, stillness within and peacefulness, but how to teach someone the ability to feel joy, is almost impossible.  I can only lead someone to the possibilities that joy is present. I can teach how to open the heart chakra, for example, which is linked to the experience of joy, and to open the body to love energy, and then I can ring a bell, and say, listen, listen, to your heart and to your resonant being, and then I will have to ask, ‘ Is joy there?’  and hope that you find joy.
One aspect of joy I am interested in is the capacity to allow joy in. Sometimes people say to me, they have never experienced joy, they don’t truly know how to be joyful – and I say to them, open up their hearts, and allow in joy.  Open up to the possibility that something wonderful can be felt, that something special will fill over and make you smile and laugh with joy, and be open to this possibility. It cannot be forced as joy will be experienced in different ways by different people,  One person’s joyful hot bath is another person’s overheated sweatlodge!  Although we all have different ways of experiencing joy, we al have this capacity to be joyful and allow joy.  It can enter into our pores if we let it, and it can fill us and our being with a radiance which is life enhancing and liberating.
At this time of Samhain as the darkness leads us into winter, find something to bring joy into your heart, and your life, so that you can balance the darker times with life enhancing feelings. We all deserve to feel joy and we all can experience joy – take a moment just to ask yourself, what gives you joy?  Then give yourself permission to be and feel joy. It will fill you with life…. Namaste


Recently I have been reflecting on much of my recent working past  – I have been writing and supporting those experiencing grief and loss for over fifteen years and absorbing many of these lessons.  My own lessons of loss have also been a part of this mix. Healing has always been integrated into this but somewhat separate.

I now recognise that loss is a gateway to transformation – it is a gateway to the heart and it allows our heart to open, heal and let in joy.  This is not always the way loss is experienced or supported.  This is one of the reasons I chose to leave mainstream work, to develop this wider use of grief and loss healing.  It is my fundamental belief that grief is the human condition along with joy, and that using our grief and loss, using the sadnesses and pain we all feel at times is a fantastic tool for growth :We lose friends or family, lovers and partners, jobs, circumstances, even our own sense of loss of our bodily functions can be termed loss  – women experience loss every month in the monthly cycle, older people experience loss everytime we look in the mirror, we all experience loss at an ecological level due to the many losses of the world’s resources and animals, and of course, loss occurs daily, every time we go to sleep we lose our everyday consciousness and go into the dreamstate.
Loss is normal, loss is fundamental to being a human being and loss is and can be a profoundly powerful tool for transforming our sense of self, our sense of love and connection and our sense of aliveness. I am currently shaping a series of trainings for schools and others on how to learn from loss.
I hope to create new workshops soon on this aspect of loss for healing and transformation, one I can share with others. By allowing loss into our lives,we can let go of the grief and create a space for joy, the joyfulness of living and being alive and the joy of knowing we are free to love.
Keep looking at the website for more information and I hope to see or meet some of you soon.  With love and grace


Today I have just returned from the Chalice Well Wellbeing weekend in Glastonbury,UK,  where I was offering healing and sharing in the sunshine of the day. A beautiful day in a special place, and a blessing to be there.
Chalice Well is one of those sacred places in nature which is a true gift to all who visit.  But there are many other places also unique in nature, if only we seek them out, which can support us on our journey. Chalice Well is a famous place, and has hundreds of visitors each year, all coming to share in the nature, the energies and the water.  I have always found that offering healing at the well enhances what I offer, as the spirits of the water, plants and earth support all healing. I have been part of their healing weekends for over six years now and never fail to be inspired.  But I do also find this in other places.
When I visit a place of nature, I try and connect deeply to the spirit of each place, and each part of it. If I visit a wood, for example, the trees are important to connect to. I used to have a circle of three trees in Cumbria where I visited almost daily, and these trees became close friends!  They spoke to me, in their own language of course, and supported my walks, healings and life.  At that time I took Ebony, my dog with me, and I am sure she knew when I was communiing with the trees as she would just sit quietly or gently rummage around, not doing her usual antics of chasing and running! These trees became companions, not just when I was visiting and sitting under them but occasionally they would then enter my meditations and give me gifts and wisdom.  .
Another favourite place was a lake, and here, I was communiing with the vast expanse which is Crummock Water.  This lake, in the Lake District, holds a  special energy for me, and again, it enters both my every day life, or did when I lived near, and in my meditations.
Nowadays my connections to nature come in my regular visits to a nearby village to meet with the trees and wild flowers there, and I also have at least one favourite tree I meet with regularly. I have also reconnected recently with the wild sea, and this is a joy to me, offering as it does, the vast space and horizon line,  and the ebb and flow that such expanses of water share. These aspects of nature support my growth, and my spirit, as well as reminding me to make more essences!
Nature has vital gifts to offer for those of us who seek. It can offer connection to the natural world, reminding us of the beauty we live in, and our own beauty reflected in it.  It can support and hold us on our journeys in life.  It can give us wildness and remind us of our true nature, which is not tame, and can often feel limited in our everyday busy lives.  It offers freedom and a sense of expansion. Trees can often give us a true connection to our roots,, our ancestors and our bodies, though different trees have different messages for us.. Flowers can give a myriad of gifts and senses, as flowers are particularly important for our sense of wonder and beauty in a refined way.  Occasionally nature can reflect for us, our fears, such as when there is a steep climb up or down, and can help support us in facing these fears.  And ultimately nature reminds us of who we are: Human beings on a beautiful wild, fragile planet, sharing together the same energy, breath and cosmos – as within, so without is my motto when thinking of nature.
I recommend finding a special place to go which feels right for you – each person’s place will be different, though of course there are the universal places like Chalice Well which attract many people.  Tune into your body and senses in this place, feel the strength, beauty, peace, wildness, or whatever quality it is you feel and breathe it into you. It will enhance your life and give you gifts untold.


I have been reflecting recently on the nature of love and unconditional love.  This is due to a recent life experience which perhaps one day I will write a book about. One of those big transitions which come about in life.  Love is at the heart of my life and all our lives –

However –  love, a little word and a little matter which affects us all – what is it really?
I believe that love is the centre of all life, that we have to feel love in all ways in order to feel truly human and that it is essentially beyond words.  It is a feeling, a sensation, a true depth of the soul acknowledgement, that to truly love, we need to think only of the other, of care, and of wishing the best. This other can be a person, an animal, nature, music, art, or any of the myriad experiences in life. Love takes many forms, in my experience and my belief and  we all have our own ways of expressing love.  Look in a dog’s eyes when they look at their master – this seems to me to be love in its most unconditional form.  Look at two lover’s when they gaze at each other – this is love in its essentially pure and human form.
Love in a romantic sense, however is very different from the unconditional love felt when the other loved one is more important than self.  When a person loves romantically, it seems there is more personal need involved in the love.  Just listen to love songs and many pop songs,or watch romantic videos – they all appear to encourage a sense of ‘need’ and ‘desire’ which is the more selfish version of love. One in which a person does not feel complete without the other, when the need is to ‘be together’, to merge and melt, and in which there does not appear any sense of separation for awhile. Nearly everyone recognises however, that this form of love, the stage of being ‘in love’ is temporary. It is beautiful, necessary and vital, as by being in love, we begin to recognise our human nature of needing to be connected, we touch the sexual nature of love which is in its purest form deeply spiritual.  But it is also a blind form of love, some cultures have even called it a sickness!  in which the loved one can do no wrong for awhile, and in which the rose tinted glasses give a sense of beauty whatever is  in front of you.  This love cannot be sustained.  This love is indeed blind, as it is formed of projection, hope, need, desire and to some extent infatuation. And eventually it ends.
If we are lucky, in our human relationships, the stage of being in love will turn to the stage of feeling more unconditional love.  In this stage, there is more acknowledgement of the whole person, where all the good and bad are accepted, and in which different nuances are accepted and growth occurs. Unconditional love allows that failure occurs, but does not stop the loving.  Unconditional love within human relationships, allows that two people are separate, but that each can come together to give the other a flavour of unity, connection, flow and beauty.  If we are lucky, we will feel unconditional love in our relationships, both our intimate relationships and our family or friend relationships.  We will hopefully feel this in life, about all aspects of our life.This can then inform our need to stand back, accept, care and be mindful that this love is not about our own need, at all, it is only about the other, and about wishing what is best for the other. It is about true acceptance of all that is. This form of love, I believe, is the truly divine form of love that can be found on earth today.
How do we learn to express this more unconditional form of love when we are merely flawed human beings, you might ask?  Well, my first step is to use my heart chakras. I use my innate sense of what is right in my feelings and emotions, to check if what I feel is a more conditional form of loving or is truly unconditional.  The truly unconditional love gives a most amazing sense of grace and beauty, but is not experienced for this.  This is indeed simply a byproduct.  If we search for love to experience such feelings, we are still wanting and needing – we are still using the experience of love for selfish means, as opposed to unselfish.  Love by its very nature, can imbue all with a feeling of great warmth, humanity, beauty, and compassion. But only the truly unconditional form of love can really open our hearts.  We accept what is, we see only the best in a person and we allow all to be there, the flaws and the truth.  Truly opening our hearts to unconditional love allows us to connect, deeply and totally without any sense of needing anything in return.  It just is a state of grace.
Recently I attended a sufi day on opening the heart and discovered, to my amazement, that between the states of agony and ecstasy, the two extremes of how we can experience love, there is a soft, gentle and deeply humming love which just is – this is the unconditional love which is the heart of our souls and the heart of the earth.  I hope we can all experience this eventually.
Our unconditional heart chakra is in the space above our regular heart chakra, and spins at a different frequency to the heart chakra.  It spins at the frequency of the earth, and is the core of our being.  It is now waking up, and many people are beginning to have experiences related to this chakra, which give a true flavour of our inner senses, our need to connect to each other, the earth and all living things.  Bringing unconditional love into every aspect of your being, as much as possible, will imbue you with a true satisfaction of life being lived according to the laws of the nature and cosmos.  It will bring with it a gentle beauty and grace which you will never have felt before.
Use the colour magenta, to try and engage with this feeling and this heart chakra.  Go into your deeper self and ask yourself, ‘How can I express my unconditional loving self today?’  And if you are lucky, as I have been, you will find the answers that can change your life.
Anna x


Today I have been thinking and reflecting on transitions, and how we manage them.  Transitions are a very real and normal part of life, and we all experience them. Some transitions are huge and life changing, such as when a loved one dies, when we separate or when we move to a new location or job.  Other transitions are smaller and incorporate the everyday adjustment to changes, such as when we get a new car, or choose a new bank!  Each day is indeed a new transition, from night to day, and from home to other environments such as school, work etc.

But what are transitions really?  My experience has led me to believe that all major transitions are opportunities to re-examine our life, our values, our very purpose and our being.  In my previous work on grief and loss, transitions were life changing and of course life threatening, as facing our mortality is the biggest transition we will ever face.  Those who were able to do this with honesty, courage, grace and preparation were the ones who appeared to move through this transition calmly and peacefully. Each transition brings with it its own lessons, and many who have experienced loss, divorce or separation will have experienced the emotional and spiritual searching that takes place as we readjust to the new world without someone, or a new experience of self.  The lesson perhaps is to find what each transition is there to teach us, and to fully engage with that lesson, allowing the process to unfold, so that we can face and absorb the new learning involved.
In order to absorb the lessons of a transition, I believe we have to face ourselves with love, touch our core meaning and truly be honest about what we wish for from the changes.  Only then can we allow the transition to be a transformation.
I hope to offer a course on transitions soon.  In the meantime, look up my other workshops on Creativity and Wellbeing ( 14th June in Bath) and Psychology of the Chakras (28th June in Bath), and maybe one of these will offer a positive transition experience for you!


Today I am contemplating the feeling of grace, something which is both difficult to describe but perfect when felt.

It is my fundamental belief that a feeling of grace comes when we are feeling in harmony in our mind, body and soul and our heart is open completely to the universal life force.  This feeling of grace cannot be forced, of course and those who know it regularly will be the lucky ones.  Grace appears to come when we are in perfect alignment with our life’s path, our body, our soul and our psyche, as well as the environment in which we live. And by feeing this sense of grace, we enhance our soul’s purpose in this lifetime, as well as those who are around us.  Grace is a felt sense and is tangible; others can sense it, though often this is unconsciously felt.
What leads us to a feeling of grace in our lives?
My answer to that would be the deepening of our connection to the spiritual source, a willingness to flow into and out of our being whenever we feel it is needed, a huge handful of surrender, to both our own lessons and those of others, and a massive boost of unconditional love. I have been lucky enough to feel this at various times in my life, and it always always brings with it a sense of humility, expansion, soft beautiful energy and wisdom.  Our spirit guides can sometimes lead us to this sense of grace if they feel we are ready.  And it can certainly be life changing.
So how can we learn to develop and then use our feeling of grace when it comes to us?
Perhaps it is different for each person, but for me, I would always say developing a sense of an open heart is by far the first and most important requisite for allowing grace into our lives. By being open hearted and loving in the most impeccably unconditional way, we expand our connection and our sense of the truth that is love, and behind this is the grace feeling.
Secondly perhaps, is developing and then practicising a sense of the spiritual dimension in our lives, however we experience that. By connecting to the source of life, we expand our whole being beyond the mere physical and everyday, which allows us to sense the unseen, the magical and the beauty that is life.
And using this feeling of grace when it comes?  Well all I can say, is by touching it, softly allowing it to touch you, and sensing where it affects you in your life, is the only thing to be done when grace arrives.  It is not controllable, it is simply available. May you all feel grace at some point in your lives


Today I have been reflecting on what it means to flow in our lives – when we truly flow and can allow all the gifts of our life to come to us, trusting that each one will give us something golden and precious, we feel alive and vibrant, resonant with our soul’s purpose and able to make decisions or trust what is right based on the situation.  .

Flowing for me is the watery feminine element of trusting that the universe, or situations, will come as and when we need them.  An example of this can be a meeting with an old friend who mentions something special, an opportunity to suddenly do something different or someone offers us something which feels right. Flowing in life allows us to follow these opportunities, listen to the lessons and choose whether to act or not.  Flowing means being in harmony with our inner forces of growth and life.  Have you had any experiences like this recently?  And if not, have you missed some opportunities that may have led to this feeling of flow?  What would happen if you opened your spirit up to flow now?  Would you choose something different?
By flowing rather than restricting our life force, we can find that at every given moment, our lessons and our gifts come and find us.  We can live at an enhanced pace of evolution, as we are trusting in the flow of the universe, the flow of life and the flow of our growth into our true being.  Feeling and trusting this flowing can lead us to live a vibrant and graceful life.
Here is a small exercise to help you tune into your ability to flow in life now.
Take time to sit or lie in a place where you will be comfortable and not disturbed, and quieten your thoughts and breathing till you are more still, relaxed and calm within. In this space, feel your body energy, allowing the flow of upwards energy from the earth, and downward energy from the cosmos to meet in your body and move around.
Allow your breath to focus on your sacral chakra, and feel the energy of this chakra, two fingers below the navel, to become more conscious.  Bring or imagine the soft colour orange, dappled as in a soft summer’s day, coming into this area, then feel the watery element through the colour.  In this state, feel if you can visualise a river near you.  Without using judgement, observe this river, what is its flow?  is it fast or slow, is it coloured or not, clean or dirty, and what is your relationship to this river?  are you nearby, in it, far away?  When you are ready, feel if the river is inviting you to be in it, somehow in a safe way.  Choose if this is right for you, and if so, feel yourself in the river, perhaps in a boat or other vessel, or walking if it is shallow enough.  If you cannot enter the river walk or imagine somehow following it. Feel yourself enjoying the flow of this river and allow this flow to move through your body, as if the river is your body.  Simply enjoy this experience for a while. If thoughts or memories come to you while doing this, allow them to be there and take note of them.  They are part of your memories of flowing or restriction.  When you are ready, ask the river to take you to a part of its flow where you are now, and see if there is a special gift there related to some aspect of your life.  If it feels right, take this gift and hold it near your heart, then gently return to where you began and let the image of the river fade, returning to a sense of your sacral chakra with a soft orange glow, before finally returning to a sense of your self in a chair or lying.  Write or draw any thoughts or images which feel important related to this exercise on flow – they are the gifts of this flowing part of you and can help in your development of flow.
Good luck and namaste for now.. Anna


Hi, Just back from another great day supporting the work of creativity and wellbeing – I love the way everyone engages and shares what is needed, and how this work really enhances all parts of our being – our creative self is the true vibrancy within our body and soul – it gives us the flavour of what it is truly to be alive – I feel lucky and thrilled to share this work with everyone – look out for another workshop coming soon – don’t miss it!

I will try and post one of the exercises on line soon.  If not get in touch with me if you are interested in when the next workshop will be.


Does the weather affect you?  Do you moan when it has been dark and dreary for days, or do you feel uplifted when the sun comes out?  And do you find that if you go out in nature, perhaps walking by trees or in a mountainous place, or by beaches, you feel happier, more well being in yourself?

The earth and weather affect our being more than perhaps we imagine.  Even where we live affects us more than we imagine, especially those of us who have such busy lives we often don’t tune into the environment around us.
I have a great belief in the earth cycles and their ability to affect us, and even more, that we can use the cycles of the year to support our growth.  Weather and the environment are all aspects we can tune into, to learn what we need to from the earth.
At the moment, we are just leaving the time of the equinox.  This is traditionally a time to recognise the winter’s past, the darkness that is receding, and plant seeds, both physically and metaphorically, for the future harvest.  What seeds would you like to plant at this time, to help in your growth?  What are you leaving behind in the darkness of winter, that has been finished and is complete?  Do you have a cycle of life that you are working on which involves a particular project?  Now is the perfect time to set  aside a small amount of time to contemplate what it needs to reach fruition.  Then let the next few months help it grow.  And each time the sun comes out, allow the light of the sun to bring it to life.
~Of course, thinking of this theme now, we have had a conflicting winter of floods and storms, warmer than usual, and wilder than ever  – the earth is waking up and changing, and this is also affecting us, either consciously or unconsciously, in my opinion.  Perhaps our equinox meditations this year, could be focused on listening to what the storms and the floods tell us about the needs of the earth, and beginning to take a personal responsibility, each of us, for helping the earth to have a voice so that we do not keep raping and abusing her.  That is one of my seeds for this year, to make a conscious link to the needs of the earth so that she may feel cared for again! Namaste
ps And I wanted to add, to share a thought for all those people near and far who have been affected by this year’s weather – the climate has touched us directly this year, and some more than others.  May you hopefully recover and find solace in the support of your community and friends, particularly those who lost their homes.


I have just been reflecting on our wonderful and special chakra day today in Bath – we were lucky enough to be able to use the garden at the centre and being out in nature as well as in the room  gave us the extra zing needed to really focus on our chakra psychology.  My thoughts about this work are that it is growthful, life enhancing, and revealing, as well as fun, using all the techniques at hand such as musical instruments – ( great drumming Becky!), art materials, the earth, and our own deep sharing. Everyone found some new insights and connections, and I felt humbled to be with such a flowing group who were ready to explore.  Using the chakras in this way allows us to engage with our bodies safely, while exploring the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects we hold. Each time I do this work new insights emerge, and for me the day, as workshop facilitator, held the magic of how vital nature can be in exploring our chakra system – it gives us the connection to our source that so many of us seek, and it allows us to feel expansive, while also feeling safe with our feet firmly on the ground.  Our mindful connections today truly touched me. Thankyou to Becky, Jim and Jane.  with love and grace Anna

If you are interested in the next chakra workshop, sign up to my newsletter, drop me an email or watch the site! I may also offer a regular group if enough people are interested.  Let me know.


I have been thinking about connections recently – we all have times of connection, to ourselves, to others, to nature, to animals.  We all need a sense of connection in some way or another, even if we prefer our own company much of the time.Some of our connections are with family, some with friends, some old, some are new, some are related to being in nature, some connections from meeting works of art or hearing music and the expressions an artist or musician has made, and some are from spending time alone.  There are so many ways to feel connected, and it is not just about our connections to people that matter.  However, how do we keep a sense of our true self, our link to our soul being and our growth while still remaining in connection with others?  Can we indeed remain in touch with ourselves while in connection. And is our growth partly about this, about learning who we are, what our true self is and then sharing or checking this out in our connections to others.

For me, it is the deeper connections, to both nature, people, animals and all living things, that allow me to feel alive, and this is the work I offer.
Many of us feel at times isolated, alone, separate in the world today – yet this is actually a fantasy, when we believe that all things are connected. The ancient civilisations, those who practiced ancient forms of shamanism, truly believed that we are all connected, that every living thing, including the stones and the landscape has a soul and we are all connected.  By feeling these connections, and looking inside ourself for how we connect, we can once again find our true self and know that we are not truly alone, that we all affect each other, and that our being can come to life when we connect.
I remember doing a workshop many years ago on the sacral chakra, and spending time exploring and sensing the difference of how I felt within my body when I had my eyes open and then closed. As a group we then tested each other out, could we remain in touch with our deeper self at this chakra and still remain in connection to the other/s in the room?  It was a lovely and challenging exercise.  Try it – do you feel more connected with eyes shut or eyes open?  Which connections are the most important for you? The sacral chakra rules our sense of creativity, power and energy self within the world, so is a great chakra to try this out.
If you are reading this before 22nd March, and are near Bath, get in touch with me to see if there are any spaces for my chakra workshop.  We will be doing some similar exercises to discover how we can grow using the chakras.
I hope you enjoy your connections whatever they are!  Namaste.


Thinking about creativity and how it feeds our soul today – it seems that we are all born creative, but by the time we reach adulthood some of us believe for some reason that we no longer can express ourselves creatively, especially if we have been told things like we cannot draw or sing.  Yet watch children at play, and they do not question that they can draw on paper, dance around or sing loudly!  We all have that innate ability and as we grow older, it is vital for us to find what form of creativity our soul truly wants us to express.  If we find this, it then gives us not only satisfaction and a sense of being true to ourselves, but it also gives us energy, is life enhancing and a feeling of joy within.  In my workshops on creativity I encourage you to find what form of expression you have within you, what it is you need to do or be to fullly be creative in this lifetime….once we find how we are truly meant to express that part of ourselves, we often find a missing link in our lives.  Creativity brings wellbeing of itself.  Give yourself a little time each day to experiment – you may be surprised at what you find.  And if you are unsure how to start, go and visit an art museum, listen to music, read a good book, watch a good film, and then let that inspire you to do or make something – it could be that your creative self loves baking!( very trendy at the moment), or making a fire, dancing  or sewing or gardening.  All these thing are creative, we just need to find our own way…  namaste  Anna

Just come from a lovely healing evening, from the group I currently run – we did a fantastic meditation – I hope to put it on line shortly as a video – in this healing meditation we explored  if we can find our true expression of our  true self, how if we express this we feel fully alive……. everyone has something which gives us an extra boost of light, life and joy, the thing which we cannot live without or if we do, we can feel the light dullen -so I wonder what is your ‘can’t live without’ thing – so many of us are now finding we have to live more fully and be as true to ourselves as we can be – I ask the question – what do you need to do that gives you a feeling of vitality, life and joy, or the potential for this? That is the thing which you need to express to be fully alive in this life, or one of them!  We all have unique ways of finding our sense of true self, and finding this can truly enhance this sense of self. I hope you find yours, whatever it is.


Welcome to my blog!  Here I am going to explore  many of the exercises and meditations I undertake, some thoughts I have about growth, and even perhaps write about some of my current books. Each post will I hope be a gem for you the reader!  Adding up to a necklace of gems…….

Today, just a brief note – the chakras are a great tool for growth, I have used them for many years, and I am sharing some of this knowledge in my new workshop coming soon on 22nd March in Bath.  See the chakra page for background information and the groups page for details of the day!
The chakra system is such an ancient and profound tool for growth – so here is a tiny exercise –
If you feel at all low and tired at this time, with all the rain and damp that is around at the moment, tune into your sacral chakra, the one just a few fingers below your navel. Use your breath to feel it more consciously if you can, front and back, and hold your hands over your belly.  Then bring into it some golden light, either imagining it or even holding in your hand a picture of the sun! and see if you can feel the spark of life and fun that is held there. Allow your belly area to be bathed with this light.  We are low on golden light at the moment, as the sun is hiding a bit more than normal, so we can visualise for ourselves light in this area to find again the vitality we are perhaps missing at this time of year.
Try it and see if you feel any change of energy at all.  I hope you do. Then take this new energy into the day, feeling more bright and perhaps lighter also.
Good luck, happy growing, and remember, Live Your Truth!
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with love and grace