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Anna Grace-Jacobs has been helping people transcend and clear the limitations of emotional and spiritual blocks for 35 years or more.  She enables clients to connect with the sacred way of their heart – opening to the beloved.

A Transformational Soul Healer; Therapeutic & Spiritual Counsellor; Play and CreativeTherapist; Sandtray Therapist : Anna works one -to-one or in groups with loving kindness and non-judgment.  She is trusted and respected by her many clients.

Anna offers Soul Coaching/Therapy & Mentorship, Therapeutic Counselling, Sandtray Therapy, Arts Based Therapy, Spiritual counselling & Healing, Creative & Inner Child Therapy. She offers qualified supervision to professional therapists and counsellors.

Individual sessions, group workshops and bespoke courses are available in Bristol, Mendip and Glastonbury and also online.

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Play Therapy/Creative Arts Counselling/Sandtray/Supervision 

I have over twenty-five years of experience as a qualified play therapist for children, adolescents and the child within.  Play therapy offers the use of play, toys and the arts to enable the child or child within to find freedom of expression, spontaneity, healing of traumas and movement towards fulfilment in life.

I am a qualified counsellor, creative arts counsellor/ play therapist and creative supervisor.  I specialise in sandtray therapy and play/creative therapies alongside talking therapy.  I am available in the South West UK. and worldwide  via Skype.

Over thirty years, I have experience and expertise within children’s mental health, particularly in the fields of palliative and cancer care, alongside abuse and trauma survivors.  Within adult therapies, I have many years expertise and offer support for:

  • Life transitions such as divorce and separation, bereavement and illness
  • trauma and abuse survivors
  • issues of adoption and fostering
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • depression
  • childhood issues
  • Relationship issues

Soul Healing/Coaching/Mentorship & Spiritual Counselling

I have been a qualified healer, shamanic practioner, and spiritual companion for almost forty years.  During that time I have travelled alongside numerous people as they face and heal often deep seated issues. Soul healing/therapy can enable a person to reach their core sense of self, both in mind, body and spirit, as together we travel a path of energy, emotion, body and mind.  Healing has a particular capacity to reach into distressed mental states to enable wholeness from fragmentation, connection from separation, and embodiment from distance.  The sessions can be regular or infrequent, depending on need.

Contact me if you have any queries via the contact page.

And to read what clients are saying about Anna, please click hereTestimonials


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Here he is again so spot on with his reflections -thankyou Matt Licata 💜Wherever you are on your journey, you can ask a guide to bear witness as you move into unknown territory. At times, the guide will appear externally, at other times as a figure of the inner landscape. The interactional field is alive with meaning and intelligence, filled with resources for tending to the soul.

Find a therapist, lover, mentor, or friend. Shade under a tree, solace in the forest, an animal companion to stay near as you open. Sink into the earth, expand into the sky, receive the lunar blessing above. Call upon the protectors of inner and outer nature.

Allow the activated feelings and raw sensations to merge into these ones and enter into dialogue. Share the burning, the aliveness, and the longing within you. Offer a home in which the great metabolization by love may unfold.

Move toward the material as it surges for integration, practice intimacy without fusion. Closeness without enmeshment. Stay in the fire for a few seconds, then rest in the cooling rains of loving kindness. Return at a later moment, and then rest again.

Self-regulation, co-regulation, and other-regulation merge into one flow of curiosity, attunement, and compassion. It is unlikely we’ll ever fully understand or resolve the secrets of self and other, separation and union, yin and yang, sun and moon. But we can break open into the mystery together, as beginners, as amateurs, and as servants of that aliveness.
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