Sacred Woman Rising

If you happen to find yourself on the pathway to my door, hesitating, unsure…. humming a tune of soft nectar, wondering how it can be, you lived without your truth for so long……know that you are on the right journey, I am joyous of your arrival, this way has been waiting for you, meandering…. winding….hilly,  rambling…. ever reaching closer…..

If you find yourself coming near, reaching the door, beginning to knock….. know that I am here, ready, loving your fibre, seeing your truth, sharing your discovery, honouring your wisdom… for you are my family, my tribe and we share a knowing beyond words, past the concrete harshness which was life, we share a present laden with gifts and meaning, a future waiting to unfold into timelessness….. so full with remembered joys…. we are connecting, rising….the world waits for us……

If you find yourself hesitating at the garden gate, watching it swing gently in the breeze, hinges creaking… know when the time is right, you will open and enter the garden of delights.. here in the arbour of scents and abundance, oak trees and stone circles, you may find all you seek, as we meet together to remind you of yourself, your own wisdom arising….. together we touch our magnificence and humanity, our bodies swaying to the music of gaia.

If you happen to see my eyes open to yours, soul to soul,  when the door is wide and expectant… know you are a mirror to my being and I to yours, for we are of the same tribe, we smell the perfume in the earth, the soil in our feet, the nectar in our blood, and know you have come home to yourself at last……

Welcome fellow travellers…….if you happen to reach for me, I will be there with open arms, ready to hold you as you fall, discovering what has been hidden…. bowing to you as you rise in true radiant glory at last….

Men, women, children, my home is ready… my breath is soft…. my heart is expanded so wide she takes in all our lost ones, now we find ourselves at last …………

If you happen to sense in your being, the very fibre of you… the golden thread linking us, meandering in ancient shining… know you are not alone… know you are ready in your own time, to share the dance this glorious life offers….   I am awakening, emerging, like the morning dew as she glistens on the pure petals of azure and crimson… I am ready to meet you….

Come share the dance of life, dear ones….. and we will celebrate our rising together…..


Anna Tara xxx

Art with thanks to the wonderful Josephine Wall

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Reclaiming Our Sacred Ground as Women

Dear Beloveds

This is a post for women – and for the men who support us, a big thankyou!  You have a role to play too.

Over the last few weeks I have been facing some gremlins!  Shadows of my past that have been limiting me and stopping me doing my sacred work – financial limitations, relationship blocks, emotional baggage, you name it, I have had it!  I have had to dig deep inside myself, examine hidden parts, my shame, my fears and some history, in order to release nuggets which no longer serving me.  I have found liquid gold in this enquiry, as I release more of my life force to be of service to myself and all of you. I have faced shame, and pain, grief and fears – they are old and they are no longer needed. My body and my being are freer and I feel more alive than ever.

You also may have felt these aspects of your life showing up, forcing you to face your deeper self – whether in relationships, psyche, experience of your self or your work, money, creative life or other, we are all being called to face that which blocks us from being truly our sacred self – we are now being called to be BIG AND BEAUTIFUL and stop limiting ourselves.

I am now calling this ‘Reclaiming Our Sacred Ground’ – this is a deep enquiry into how we can reclaim our birthright as women in this world – how we find our place now on this beautiful planet and in our bodies, how we gift ourselves life and truly feel alive as women today, sharing in the growth of a new way of being which acknowledges, allows and reveres the deep feminine way. It is time.

For many millenium, we have been limited, put down, not been able to express our expansive, sacred, creative, visionary and beautiful selves fully in the world. Due to patriarchy and the history of our civilizations, our female being, our bodies, our wisdom has been hidden. We have been unable to fully be visible in the everyday as sacred beings, which all women are – NO MORE!

It is time for us to rise up and find ourselves, find our voices, our vision, our art, our gifts and be real in the world, to be seen as we are and to shape the world from our own being, not from the outside in, but from the inside out ( more of this in future courses and blogs!)

How do we do this, you may ask ?  Well, one of the first steps  is to embrace our beauty and power, acknowledging all the gifts we have been given – think of the times you have denied these – how did this feel to you, to not acknowledge those wonderful aspects of yourself which feed your sense of wholeness and love – whether they are your creative gifts, your ability to be with others, your visionary self, your art, your relationship self, your capacity as healer, mother, or other….can you begin to fully reclaim these in your life,  returning to yourself, not denying any longer?

Exercise – Take a Journal – make a list – what are your gifts – take note of how you feel while you do this….. try and be gentle and loving with yourself rather than critical. You may want two lists, ones you can acknowledge, and ones you are yet to believe in.

Then of this list, choose three – commit to growing these gifts, sharing these in some tangible way that serves you and others.  Feed these gifts every day for a week.  Each day note in some way how you have done this, either in a journal or other – Were you able to believe more in yourself? Were you able to establish more these gifts in your life?  How did you feel serving yourself ?  Di you feel expansive, more alive, more loving of yourself?  Or did it show up the shame, guilt, pain, frustration, fear or other emotion, of not having yet expressed them?  Give yourself time to allow these gifts to surface – all feelings are ok, and need to be expressed in order to be released.  Use art, writing, poetry, sharing, dancing, moving, meditation,  to release these into the world more and see if you can truly begin to reclaim your sacred ground.

It is so easy for us as women to deny our gifts, our sense of self, our abilities and our being in the world today, even though we have had many years of feminism and goddess cultures – Now is the time to not deny yourself.  You, your gifts, are needed by the world – now more than ever.

Join me as I establish our community for those who are now reclaiming our sacred ground and truly coming home to ourselves.  There will be many opportunities, on line, face to face to grow into this sense of standing tall and being whole.  It is such a beautiful and exciting experience to feel that you can at last be seen as who you are.

By reclaiming our sacred ground, we reclaim ourselves, our passions, our visions, our relationships, our financial wealth, our health and wellbeing, our sense of ourselves in the earth and in our bodies, and our feminine wisdom.  Are you ready?

We will be sharing in a private facebook page as we grow together into this sacred ground of our soul self in life.  Mother gaia needs us, we need each other and we need to show up to be ourselves at this time in the world when so much is out of control and no longer serves us as women.  This is the time to reveal and find ourselves.

I so look forward to this journey with you all.   Like this blog and comment to let me know what you need next. I am still growing this enquiry, as this is one of my own promises to myself – to show up and not deny my gifts to the world.  Watch for more offerings in the coming months and more suggestions of how to reclaim your sacred ground with me..  Comment if you wish, share a promise you have made to yourself, – we are together in this enquiry.

with much love and namaste for now

Anna Tara  xx

Blessings To All Grandmothers….

Dear Beloveds

I have recently been blessed with a new role ; that of becoming a grandmother, a crone of ancient times who has a child of my lineage.  I am in such awe at this role and have been reflecting on the meaning for me at this time in my life, for it holds deep resonance of ancestral wisdom and future teachings. I am deep in the hum of my inward cave self, discovering where in my diamond past I can find the jewels to share for a future generation.  I hope to discover them over time, and am totally in joy for this new life I am a part of……..

As a grandmother, I hold ancient responsibility to my tribe, my family, my ancestry, my lineage and to all who as mothers and keepers of womb knowledge, wish to pass on our heritage.  We are gifted by virtue of our wombs and our lifetime.  I am honoured to be known as one such person.

But with this new role comes a lesson- or two – how to be a grandmother in this day and age : How to truly link into this new soul who has landed on mother earth at such a portentious time for all of us: How to really bring this role into the next generation, and to enable my being to link into my grandchild’s in such a way as to acknowledge the past, present and future and still be present.:How to ensure that I am available when needed, to support their growth into life on earth.  This is not a task to take on lightly.

Being a grandmother and crone, I have felt for many years my connection to mother earth as one of midwifing the new way, the way of feminine values, the path of flowing and trust, the gentle but powerful listening path.  This path allows the trees to whisper their wisdom to me, the animals to call me when they need me or indeed I them, and allows the winds, the waters and the soil to all give up their knowledge when I need them, and can be of use. I have held the stars in my hands as I have turned over the wisdom of ages to bring in this age of change, and I have travelled for aeons to ensure all those around me have been touched as I have by love.

I am a channel.  I have always been a channel.  For the connection of humanity to this earth.  For the bringing in of bright love into beautiful life in order to link them together.  For the healing of the planet, of male and female and of our being in body  I have always been this channel. It is in my blood, to embrace the oracle role, the shaman role, the priestess role.. and it is an ancient path connected to Shekinah and Lilith, Tara and Kali.  I hold this path dear in my heart.

Now I am a channel for my family too.  I am becoming this channel thanks to the very new role of individual grandmother, different to the mother earth grandmother role I have always held.  Concealed from me till recently, I now feel I am invested with a particular essence of clarity and beauty, for my family has not been a happy family, with its history often tainted by darkness and mistrust, as is often the way with those of us who are tasked with bringing in the light. I am a being of joy and light, growth and ecstasy,and I wish to gift the joyous discoveries I have made in my own life, to this new soul, so that my family path, so fraught in the past, can be transformed, just as I have transformed myself.

As a channel, I wish to hold the vision of gentleness and joy even as this new baby cries and shakes herself into her body, and brings with her lessons of life and harmony. Each new baby holds hope of new life and healing, each new grandmother offers arms outstretched to receive and light the path, so that not all is lost from a lifetime of lessons. This particular channel is now ready to share some of those lessons, even if the past generations were mired in stickiness and confusion.  My role as grandmother is not to let this remain the truth.  It is to allow, through me, a new way of life to emerge which can affect all who come after.

I am a grandmother now in all ways — I feel the channel of light pour through my veins, lighting the way to profound newness, and I am blessed to be both an earth grandmother and a familial grandmother.

Glory be….. to all grandmothers at this time of change on earth.

Namaste to you all.

Anna xx




Life is for Living


When I was younger, I used to be an observer of life. I would watch life go by, watch others seemingly living their lives to the full, following their passion or their path, and I wondered what that was like.  I did not seem to have the capacity to be in my life so much as let it live me.  I did not feel alive, juicy or in joy. I had no concept for this.

I remember sitting in a cafe when a late teenager, watching the drips on the cafe window, writing poetry about those drips and wondering if I felt like one of those drips, falling down the glass pane, just stopping whenever and wherever they felt like it, but not really going anywhere.  I waxed lyrical with pen and paper, but I was simply watching, waiting and not truly living.  Not yet. I was a drip dripping down into life with no sense of purpose, knowledge or joy.

I had no concept then, of what it was like to fully embody my true self. I tried, and I watched, taking my signals from others. I observed how people dressed who I admired, how they spoke and if I wanted to be like that.  I wanted to be someone who could tell stories of her life, yet I had not lived my life.  Yet. I had not become aware of my own signals, my own inner knowing which would show me where I could go in life, my own choices.  So I watched, learned, hoped that one day I would feel different, perhaps even enjoy my life, and waited. And all my signals came from others, just as I had learned at school, and at home, not from within.

That day took awhile in coming.  The day when I realised I could no longer be just a passenger in life.  The day when I woke up, recognising that I am a beautiful and loving being who just has to go out and be herself.  The day when I realised I had my own knowledge within me and my own art, writing, beauty to share, just as you all do in your own way. The day I realised my body is beautiful. 

It took a long time to reach this point fully.  There were a few steps along the way. Like the time when I had a realisation that I was beginning to be that person who could tell stories.  Or the day when I found joy in simply dancing.  Or the day I recognised that my family were not the best people to spend time with.  Or the day that I felt I had to let my partner go, because he was slowly killing me inside.  The day I gave birth was a life changer, the day I discovered the true beauty of the sunset was magical, and the day I learnt to face my fear of heights and stand on a rooftop. That was incredible.

Finally, finally I have reached the point, where I am no longer an observer or a passenger in life.  It is a great place to be.  It is a place of choice, of joy, of life, of love and of enjoying as many moments as possible.  I still fall into the trap sometimes of working too hard and forgetting to play, of listening more than talking, of  letting someone else go first in a group so I don’t have to show my own self. I still become the carer and the observer occasionally, as changing patterns from a lifetime takes practice. But I hardly do it now.  Because I have finally learnt, that I know.  I KNOW who I am, how I feel, what I know, well more or less!  and that I can be as stupid or as clever, as wise or as foolish as I want to be and it does not matter.  That I can tune into my body and my being at any point, and feel what is the best thing for me at any time.  I can breathe into myself, into my emotions, into my thoughts, and I can say ‘ Anna how are you feeling today, what do you need to get the best possible experience in life.?’ and I can answer myself. I can ask myself, ‘how do I act when I truly love myself?’ then act on this.  No one needs to tell me what to do, where to go, how to feel, how to dress, how to act, what to do in life.  No one need tell you that either.  

We learn all our lives that it is others who are our teachers.  It is time to know, that we are our own teachers, and each of us has a store of knowledge, our inner knowledge, our inner body sense, our inner tuition, our heart based knowing, our felt sense of what is right and wrong for us, and this is the treasure deep within us waiting to be found.  It is in all of us.  We are all wise to ourselves.  But it takes some practice to discover it, because over and over again we are taught that knowledge comes from books, from others, from family, friends, teachers, those we meet, things elsewhere, outside of us.

Life is for living and we can no longer be observers to our own lives.  We can live our lives best when we know ourselves more.  When we trust our knowing.  When we have the tools to tune into ourselves at any moment and just ask ‘ What do I know now.  How can this help me to live fully and enjoy my life now?’ How can I best serve myself and love myself?  And by answering these honestly, you will begin to reach that road to fully juicy living which leads to joy, satisfaction, and harmony within and without.  

My work of Opening to the Beloved is dedicated to living life to the full.  It is the way of sacred heart, in which we can learn to love ourselves as much as others, to become the person we are meant to be in life, the one living, not the observer. We can learn to find our own inner knowing, our own heart compass, and our own deep satisfaction in life, knowing we love ourselves enough to give our body and our being all we need to sustain not just a good life, but a great and brilliant life.
I hope you may all feel this just a little bit, and share in the joy that life can give when we discover we do actually have a lot of the answers inside us!

Keep watching the website for more exercises and gifts to help you find your own inner knowing and self love.  They may just change your life, just as they changed mine. 

Namaste Anna xx

Ancestral Clearing – To Find Our Radiant Self on this Equinox New Moon



Dear Beloveds

As promised, here is the next blog based on some of my channelled and visioned experience – and a gentle reminder of some of the groups and offerings I have available for you, particularly if you live in the UK! ( 22nd Sept and 1st Oct are my next events – come if you can)

I am humbled at the growth and the intensity of these times – During this recent past I have had some profound questions and insights into all that makes us human – why are we burdened by the past?  Why does it affect us now?  How can we release our wounds from ancient times, from our lineage?  These have been some of my questions for many years and I have explored the terrain of the ancestral lands in many ways.  Each of us has within us the potential to release our past, both the individual and the collective past – and now is the time to do this, I am being told this again and again….. we no longer need to sit in the shadow of our hurt and wounded forefathers and fore mothers…… it is time to be free!

This week I had a profound experience, of feeling waves and waves of depth of fear moving beyond me, shaking my heart and soul, and allowing out the depth that I was born with, so that I could open up to more and more love – I rolled on the shores of the ocean, lay on the sands of my history,  and felt the skeletons and shells that had been held in my body all these many years, and was amazed I have been able to carry these so long, I do not need them any more… I have felt the clearing and the space for the light and the love which we all are capable of feeling, I was handed a light and a key to open this door for myself and all those who come after me… I feel so honoured and humbled that I can go to such places of deep surrender so that we all can become clearer, brighter and more beautiful –  this work, can be painful and sore, but it can be glorious and ecstatic when we are through… it is like cleaning a beautiful piece of stained glass and realising this is us, the beauty, the colour, the vibrant light, is who we are meant to be now.  Our greys and dull shades are receding as we reach our magnificence.  Believe me, I have seen  and feel this now… It is who we are meant to be.



When I go to these places in such a personal way, I always come back with gifts for all of you – these gifts I will be sharing in my next Ancestral Clearing day on 1st October ( and in a smaller way on the Thursday eve of Sept 22nd)- this is in Bristol UK – I am also shaping my future online course, which is of course on how to live a most abundant and flowing life.  I love to share these with you ….so keep in touch and keep watch… I will also be offering some freebies again soon, a most special meditation for meeting with mother earth and feeling her safety and abundance supporting you.

When I emerged from my own journey of release, I was given a candle and a light – and told to share and show this now – so I promise all of you, that together we can reach our own light and meet our own being, when we emerge from the history of our past – it is just that – history – and I am honoured to be a midwife of the journey towards your future radiant self.

Take a moment to reflect – who in your family is the holder of the key for your ancestral clearing?  Trust your knowing, close your eyes and vision a long line of ancestors opening their doors for you, so you can find which ones are ready to be released – when you are ready, use the candle I have shared here, to light the way to how to release them now safely and completely – it may be a history of power and abuse, of distorted ideology, of limitation and drudgery – whatever it is, now is the time to face and let go, as you carry this in your dna and genes and you have chosen to do this for the healing of all humanity.   The light will show you how to release them safely, and send them to the ancestral lands where they can be at peace finally.  When you have done all you can, return renewed and replenished and feel the light fill you up more.  It is your time, just as it is my time.  We are here together to be free finally.

Contact me if you want to know more, to share a journey with me or to simply let me know your own experience… I love to connect ……

with love and grace