A Retreat Day : Listening to Earth Mother

Retreat Day in Compton Dundon Near Glastonbury UK

Listening to Earth Mother

Held in a yurt on ancient land that has been tenderly looked after.

  £50. Low -waged

  £80. Full fee

  • Are you looking to connect more deeply to earth and each other?
  • Are you awakening to an ancient aspect of yourself, one that is expanded, heart based and soul aligned?
  • Are you ready to Ignite your essence to be of true service to yourself and others?

We will touch on our humanity, our connection to earth and each other, as we explore the paradigm of awakening to a new way of being… our true self emerges given the right container….our essence is needed for humanity like never before.

This day is for all who are called to be of service to mother gaia and humanity, to explore our own path of this, together and separately.  This will include relational aspects, personal aspects and planetary aspects.
We will:
– Use silence as well as words for our journeying.
– Open our hearts with a sacred cacao ritual.
– Touch our souls longing in this lifetime and how to express this now.
– Allow our bodies to move and sound to our true essence at last.
– Share as men and women, how we can relate in this new paradigm.
– Walk in the grounds nearby, on a vision quest- nature as guide and mentor.

– Commit to living from more of our essence than ever before.

This day is for all on a path of longing to emerge as your true self in this lifetime- we will create a tribal container for the day, to deepen into each essence flame and ground us with mother earth’s wisdom. Prepare for the unexpected….

There will be a follow on weekend retreat in October for those who wish to take this further.

Contact Anna if you have any queries.

Contribution for the day:  £50 00



Anna has been holding sacred space and offering soul healing and mentoring for many years. Most recently she has held Reclaiming our Sacred Ground groups and days for women and Awakening to Sacred Power for men. She is creating new works all the time – currently she writes poetry as ‘The Earth Speaks’ on facebook. She uses sacred tools such as drums and rattles, heart based presence and visions, the creative spark as an arts based psychotherapist and body worker, and trust in our capacity to grow, transform and learn from each other.  She offers ‘love in action’ in all she does and offers safe, profound, transformational spaces in her groups.

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