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Welcome friends to my website – I hope to inspire you with my approach and the transformational therapies and days I offer.  My intention is to help you be the best you can be.  Please look around my site and do get in touch with me for more details or to ask a question.

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Golden Seed Esssences are flower and vibrational essences created using sensitive, meditative, natural techniques of essence production.  They are made using a particular process of meditation, gathering of materials, soul journeying and guidance. I use the vibration of minerals, animals, plants, elements, light,  and water.  I have been making essences for over fifteen years.  This range was inspired in 2008 by a visit to Bath, Somerset, UK where I was shown in a deep meditation the name and the range.

They are for the particular issues of this age, and suitable for those who are on a path of consciousness  wishing to explore and accelerate their growth. They are made with love and without harming anything in the environment.  I regard them as soul essences and send them out to the world with love.

Background to Flower and Vibrational Essences :

The use of essences began in the 1930’s with Dr.Bach’s Flower Remedies.  Dr Bach created his essences based on emotional needs, after giving up his lucrative Harley Street practice to explore how nature could heal in a deeply intuitive way.  His thirty seven essences have since become profoundly important in the healing world of essences, particulary his well known combination of Rescue Remedy.  Since that time, many essences have been developed around the world using different techniques and materials. Some use the sun to infuse essences, some the moon, many now use energy signature of natural  products, animals and places rather than the actual plant product.  They are not homoepathic and not essential oils, being water based and then preserved in alcohol or another preservative.  Water has been found in research, to hold the memory of even thoughts, with Masaru Emoto showing with beautiful photos  exactly how the energy of thoughts affect water crystals.(

Essences can be taken without any belief in their ability to affect change  though working with them can enhance their effects, as they tap into our ability to self heal. They are best used on a regular basis and can be a significant accelerator of growth and consciousness, and can affect change at all levels, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.

I am a full member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers. (BAFEP) and a practitioner member of the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association

All essences are currently available in 10ml bottles  @ 5.25 each.

P& P 2.75 for one bottle, £3.00 for two,  £ 3.50 for three.

Please use the pay pal button with the essence/s you wish, plus the appropriate P & P button for the number of essences you are ordering.  Thankyou.

They are made with spring water from WhiteHole Springs in Somerset, which has a reputation as a healing springs.  They are fixed with alcohol, currently brandy.  Contact me if you would like an essence held in non alcohol and I will provide one in vinegar for you.

Love Essence :

A gentle core remedy to help us find our core humanity, of which love is the basis. It can help reveal our true nature with acceptance. It is to release fears, to enable love in all its glory.I made this essence in the summer,  with the glory of wild winds, rain and occasional sun around.  Each aspect spoke to me of what it is to be alive, and how love is in everything we touch and everything we are.  Nature accepts its true being with love, and this essence is to help us accept this.

£5.25   Love Essence

Transition Essence:

For all in transition, to support that process and help move through it learning the lessons as go. It can help make the process of transition a gentler one. It can ease and smooth the path of change, enabling insights and supporting new paths. For all transitions, whether big or small.

£5.25  Transition Essence  

Beauty of Life Essence:

To bring us back to the joy in life, and enable brightness to emerge when all feels dark or dreary. This essence can bring relief when there is a temporary sense of loss, dullness or lack of joie to vivre. It can also free us from the trappings that we choose to have around us during our daily life, which sometimes stops us being our naturally joyful selves. This essence incorporates all that it means to be reminded of the beauty around and in us.

£5.25  Beauty of Life Essence  

Transformation  Essence:

To enable a facing of old fears, ancient fears and limitations and then allow these to dissolve.  This esssence can enable the transformation of a process, and the allowing of the new to come in.   Just as the bluebell moves from its small beginnings as a bulb in the dark, to the grand but understated beauty of its flowers and leaves, we can also move through our transformations and break through to our potential.

£5.25  Transformation Essence  

Deep Heart Essence:

A powerful essence to help find the deep love principle which is within us all. This love principle is the core matter of life and therefore reaches deep within each one of us to retrieve that which has been lost. It can move through your heart, helping you truly experience yourself and your life.  This is for those already brave enough to face their true selves, but may need extra strength for some parts of this journey.

£5.25  Deep Heart Essence

Emergence Essence :

Brings a grace and beauty to the process of unfoldment, and allows a person to move through their growth and beyond.  It enables a process to reach its true culmination, a death/rebirth essence for those ready to shed another layer of growth and awareness of their own selves. Works well with Transition Essence.It can help move through delay and obstructions, to allow a new emergence of a project, a phase of life, or new aspect of self.

£5.25  Emergence Essence

Compassion  Essence :

An essence for embodying gentle power in the face of adversity, an expansive, growthful essence, helping self love at times of challenge, and the ability to see beauty and love in all.

£5.25  Compassion Essence

Hope and Gratitude Essence :

A moon essence made as summer was approaching, during a mid point between waxing and waning, in the evening between light and dark and between spring and summer.  It spoke to me of hope for the summer coming, for the fullness of the moon to come, and for deep gratitude at the burgeoning landscape. This essence can be taken whenever the feeling of hope has disappeared or faded, and an appreciation of our own place in the universe has faded. It is a  joyful essence which can help us to celebrate who we are and our place in the world.

£5.25 Hope and Gratitude Essence  

Contemplation  Essence :

This essence is for the times when we need to go inward to find our silence and our source. It can help calm us at times of busyness and distraction, and can take us deep into our inner sanctums to help with decisions and finding a true voice.  It can enhance all meditations but particularly ones which are needed to nourish the soul.  At its lightest it will enhance a relaxing meditation.  At its deepest, it will bring you face to face with your divine self and deepen your sense of who you are in this life –  It is only when we contemplate with our hearts and bellies that we feel in touch with ourselves and this essence was made to enhance this process.

£5.25  Contemplation Essence  

Inner Wisdom Essence :

This essence is to help us find our inner voice and our inner wisdom, particularly ancient knowledge which we may think we have forgotten but have not truly. It is an essence very suitable for ceremony as well as for private use, and can bring joy in the knowing and celebration in the seeking of this knowledge. It is for the seeker of inner truth, inner light and inner heart knowledge.

£5.25  Inner Wisdom Essence

Forgiveness Essence :

This essence is for letting go of old hurts, dissolving the remembrance and opening the heart.  It allows the previous hurts to be blown away like debris and create instead the space within our heart for true freedom and brightness.  It was made over a period of time, to enable more deepening, as forgiveness is a particularly important process at this time – here is a meditation to be used with the essence –Forgiveness Meditation – Find a quiet place to go within, then visualise your hands held together, making a space between forefingers and thumbs joined.  Visualise this space as a deep pool. Look in the pool, and if you ask, you will see within the pool an aspect which needs forgiveness, either for yourself or a person. Allow the forgiveness to flood this aspect. Feel it in your heart – Do as much as you can to dissolve it – Allow what happens.  Keep taking the essence for two days, which should complete this process.

£5.25  Forgiveness Essence  

Liberation Essence :

This essence is for all manner of being and learning to be free – it is for all aspects of liberation, including that of death/rebirth.  This essence opens layers up layers that stop us from being our true selves.  When we are truly human we are also truly divine, and when we link the two together, that is when we feel liberated.  This essence can enhance that process. There is also humour in this essence as it is the human condition to never truly be liberated while we are still embodied!

£5.25  Liberation Essence  

Joy Essence :

This is an essence to remind us that behind all we do and all we are is joy. It is to help remind us of the joy within, and is both for the times when the joy of our hearts appears to be lost, and for the times when joy can be celebrated. It is a reminder that life is for living and feeling joyous.  An autumn essence to remind us of the light as the darker times come in.

£5.25  Joy Essence

Equinox Moon Essence :

Made at the autumn equinox, this essence is specifically to mend tears and rips in the fabric of the earth and our energy bodies.  This essence is for knitting, weaving and wefting tears –   This essence can help those who have been hurt or abused, as well as those who may need a strengthening of their aura at times of challenge.  It is a light remedy which creates wholeness and health where there was previously only fragmentation.

£5.25  Equinox Moon Essence  

Earth Healing Essence :

Made during and after the eclipse time of autumn 2013.For the forests and jungles, the oceans of the world, the deserts, the animals, the plants, and people who are being affected by different earth catastophes.  I saw spirals of energy in and around this essence.  It can touch the earth and begin the process of change, though it is particularly suited to water ways. It can also help the sadness and trauma felt by those who are affected, even at a great distance away.

After making this essence, I was told very clearly it is to be GIVEN FREELY to all who need it – so that it can reach around the world.  I therefore will send this essence to anyone who wants this, for the cost of postage alone, though there may be some implications for sending glass bottles abroad. Contact me for this essence.

Know Thyself Essence :

Made from a special yew tree, which gave its message particularly of being a ‘source’ tree which gloried in its aspect and being. The yew is the bridge between the inner and outer worlds, light and dark, life and death.  This yew was showing that it could share its essence in order for those who need it, to find their inner knowing, which is the very basic aspect we need in order to be able to manifest a true and loving life for ourselves.  This essence helps us to know ourselves deeply,  and to remain in touch with our knowing as we move about our work.  It is a first step in the art of being true to oneself.  Knowing ourself is fundamental to our ability to express who we are, and manifest a life true to our being.  This essence is particularly for those who are on the paths which ‘ light the way for others’ ,  those paths which are forging new ways, and creative strands in life, so that others will follow.  

£5.25 Know Thyself Essence  


P & P  Charges and Fees : Please use the appropriate button to pay for P & P

One bottle£2.75  

Two bottles£3.00  

Three bottles£3.50  

Please note – I have used pictures from different sources on this page in good faith.  If you see any pictures which either infringe copyright or need acknowledgement, please let me know so that I can rectify this.  I have not knowingly used pictures which are not meant to be shared.  I will happily acknowledge any sources of the pictures if needed. Thankyou

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing these beautiful essences made in love and with soul with you.  Namaste Anna x

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