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Fire of the dragon

Is blowing tonight
In my solar plexus
For a fierce blast
Orange furnaced
Has come my way.
I no longer shrink
From the agony of heat
Which could burn
My female tenderness
To a shrivel of dust.
Now I am firm of feet
Strong of womb
Loud of voice
Open of heart
Mother earth supports me
As I gaze on his attempt
To destroy sweet joy…
Tempered in
A male body
He, armoured, fearful
Rises in his glory
Trying to threaten
A deeper knowing.
But dragon steps forward
Red Fire rages
And man, relenting,
Discovers his softer self….
For I am the truth,
Goddess she says
And my heart
binds his
In a promise
Of harmony.


  1. To the Hurt Woman Within Us All

Deep in my cellular soul
Lies a torn memory
Of hurt and pain
HIdden from view
My female ancestors
Wind their tendrils
Of shame-blame
Around my heart
Rotten stems
Of browned slimy touch
Sting my pure heart
Into wide-eyed wakening.
Who am I to feel
Such vitriolic anger
Who am I to show
bitter twisted
tongued words
When the skeins of woven cloth
Hide in distortion
My naked clean flesh.
I come renewed,
Releasing past tortures
I arrive to earth
A woman of glad
Glowing body,
Proud to love in joy
Sing in harmony
Dance in wild abandon
On the new earth
We now create.




Oh How We Bleed….

Oh how we bleed

The suffering of
Ancient ones
Leaking out of
Dark moist forests
To populate new
Red deserts.
Oh how we bleed
As waters dry up
Faint ones gasping
For survival
Oh how we bleed
As our earth, beholden
Reaches out her arms
For new rich soil
To nourish her babies.
Oh how we bleed
As poisoned seas
Stretch from beach
To endless cliff-edge
Oceans dive deep
To seek new lands
Beneath our waves
Of humility….
Oh how we bleed…..



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Here he is again so spot on with his reflections -thankyou Matt Licata 💜Wherever you are on your journey, you can ask a guide to bear witness as you move into unknown territory. At times, the guide will appear externally, at other times as a figure of the inner landscape. The interactional field is alive with meaning and intelligence, filled with resources for tending to the soul.

Find a therapist, lover, mentor, or friend. Shade under a tree, solace in the forest, an animal companion to stay near as you open. Sink into the earth, expand into the sky, receive the lunar blessing above. Call upon the protectors of inner and outer nature.

Allow the activated feelings and raw sensations to merge into these ones and enter into dialogue. Share the burning, the aliveness, and the longing within you. Offer a home in which the great metabolization by love may unfold.

Move toward the material as it surges for integration, practice intimacy without fusion. Closeness without enmeshment. Stay in the fire for a few seconds, then rest in the cooling rains of loving kindness. Return at a later moment, and then rest again.

Self-regulation, co-regulation, and other-regulation merge into one flow of curiosity, attunement, and compassion. It is unlikely we’ll ever fully understand or resolve the secrets of self and other, separation and union, yin and yang, sun and moon. But we can break open into the mystery together, as beginners, as amateurs, and as servants of that aliveness.
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