Here are a few comments from recent and past clients of both my healings and my groups:-

‘ Anna’s work is like the perfect homoeopathic remedy.  She reaches the parts others cannot reach! She combines softness, love and support with an amazingly perceptive focus, I always know she will deliver.’ MC

‘ I have been to see Anna for over three years – beginning with a time when I was in distress, and continuing over a transition.  Her work has been for me transformative, accurate, gentle and at times magical.  It  is an honour to know Anna as a healer and to experience her golden support. She knows just by sitting with you, what is right for you. and I always come out amazed at the guidance and my reactions. My life has changed immeasurably.  Thankyou. ‘  GH

‘Anna is a therapist and soul healer/shamanic practitioner I trust and have referred others to her. She has a deep integrity and wisdom, combined with a sensitive style.  Her spiritual insights are often breathtaking and she can reach aspects of ourself which we simply do not know are there. I would have no hesitation in recommending a visit to Anna for anyone on a path of growth.’  PD

‘As soon as Anna spoke I was completely at ease. Never before. would I have spoken about spiritual advancement or the accompanying psychic phenomena…with Anna I felt relaxed enough to say whatever I liked.
Before long, I had decided to take my eldest son. We now both look forward to seeing Anna, and are delighted every time we do. We travel a long way to do this.
We are very lucky to have Anna among us. It is amazing. It is like some kind of blessing.
Thank you for everything you do. ‘ GW

‘I have experienced past life and soul healing with Anna.  She has enabled me to heal many aspects of my life which I thought would be completely impossible to touch, and has offered insights and guidance which are of vast help.  I am so grateful.’  RW

Feedback from groups and days I have offered:

‘I’d love to do this or something similar again sometime. I find it more rewarding when guided by someone as wonderful as Anna…’

‘I felt gently held and there was a lightness to the day.’

‘ Thanks for a nourishing day.’

‘ I found the day inspiring and ..emotionally freeing.’

‘Anna’s style is safe, empathic, non-judgemental, enabling and supportive..’

Anna has a really intuitive and passionate nature. I attended the last event and found it so personal and moving. Anna’s fully interactive style allows you to go to new depths and heights of yourself, whilst exploring your own path and connecting and sharing with others in a beautiful, trusting way. I felt that I got to know myself better and began to emerge through a hard layer of myself that I was struggling with. I had so much to reflect upon after leaving and it played an important part in freeing up a blockage on my journey to being more open, understanding and trusting. Just bought my ticket for the next event   AS

As we age in years we are convinced by many experiences & others that we no longer need play as a part of our lives. Movement, sharing & the freedom to express yourself in a safe environment is precisely what we need more of…to find ourselves again, understand & reconnect with core parts of ourselves otherwise suppressed. I have yet to find any other gathering quite so special & meaningful, that has had such a positively potent effect as when I have joined Anna at one of these group sessions. Thank you for such a wonderful positive experience X

‘Every now and again, if you are lucky, you come across a talented and most gracious healer, Anna fits this bill perfectly’.

Informative and interesting day. At the end I felt more confident and  empowered to use Sandtray with clients. G N

Such a great day not only did I gain insight into using Sand tray in my work I also gained insight into myself, which I wasn’t expecting, Almost magical! T H.

Feedback from a recent Sandtray Training day for a charity :

‘Well held Anna.  You dismantled our sandculpts with great compassion.  Thankyou.’

‘Truly worthwhile experience, providing personal and professional exploration and reflection. An insight into the powerful containment and therapeutic benefits of using sandtray in counselling. A holding, warm and attentive trainer, with a vast supply of sandtray equipment provided for effective engagement in the process.’ –LH.

‘Anna created a safe space for us to explore the sand trays. The day was both informative and enjoyable.’

The facilitation was gentle as well as being clear and holding. My experience of this work was deep and profoundly moving and the ripples of this can still be felt a week later. It feels very holistic work, connecting body, mind and spirit. Sarah

‘A beautifully held powerful experience which I am looking forward to exploring more with clients’

Anna was a superb facilitator who held the group safely and compassionately.  The day was beautifully constructed…’

It was supportive, inclusive and just wonderful’

Anna is a rare, gentle soul who intuitively knows what is needed.’

A fantastic experiential workshop that has opened a new therapeutic practice for me to apply both personally and professionally.  Many thanks



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Here he is again so spot on with his reflections -thankyou Matt Licata 💜Wherever you are on your journey, you can ask a guide to bear witness as you move into unknown territory. At times, the guide will appear externally, at other times as a figure of the inner landscape. The interactional field is alive with meaning and intelligence, filled with resources for tending to the soul.

Find a therapist, lover, mentor, or friend. Shade under a tree, solace in the forest, an animal companion to stay near as you open. Sink into the earth, expand into the sky, receive the lunar blessing above. Call upon the protectors of inner and outer nature.

Allow the activated feelings and raw sensations to merge into these ones and enter into dialogue. Share the burning, the aliveness, and the longing within you. Offer a home in which the great metabolization by love may unfold.

Move toward the material as it surges for integration, practice intimacy without fusion. Closeness without enmeshment. Stay in the fire for a few seconds, then rest in the cooling rains of loving kindness. Return at a later moment, and then rest again.

Self-regulation, co-regulation, and other-regulation merge into one flow of curiosity, attunement, and compassion. It is unlikely we’ll ever fully understand or resolve the secrets of self and other, separation and union, yin and yang, sun and moon. But we can break open into the mystery together, as beginners, as amateurs, and as servants of that aliveness.
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